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What is Gelatine?

In short – gelatine is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. Usually derived from Cows and Pigs. Gelatine is what make a liquid set into a jelly like substance. Gelatine is clear and doesn’t have a strong taste or odour, unless you burn it. Retail gelatine is available in powder form and in industry it is available as sheets, also called leaf gelatine.
Manufacturers have standardized the setting strength of sheets of gelatine. The more premium sheets have a higher gel setting strength.

Gelatine actually has quite a number of health benefits. Supports skin, hair and nail growth
Good for joints and can help joint recovery. Can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive tract. Great source of dietary collagen and can help build muscle.

Where would you use it? Marshmallows, pastillage (used for sugar sculptures) deserts like Jello, Mousses and Fridge cakes.

How to use Gelatine? Gelatine must be hydrated before use. When we hydrate the gelatine we also call it “to bloom”. The term “bloom” also refers to the gel strength present in the gelatine. Not all Gelatine has the same setting power.

Where to find Gelatine? Gelatine is available in most supermarkets and in North America it is sold by Knox and comes in powder form in a orange box (230 Bloom). If you would like to buy platinum, gold or bronze leaf gelatine you would have to get it from a specialist supplier.

How to convert? Many European recipes call for leaf gelatine. 1 sheet will set 100ml liquid.

Name Bloom Strength Grams per sheet
Bronze 125-155 3.3
Silver 160 2.5
Gold 190-220 2
Knox brand 225 n/a
Platinum 235-265 1.7

What can ruin the setting of my Gelatine?

1) certain fruits, like pineapple, kiwi, figs, mango and papaya contain an enzyme that break down the collagen.
2) Strong acids (PH below 4), such as in wine can distort the gelling ability
3) Salt decreases gelling ability
4) Heat also deteriorates the setting ability.
5) Freezing – the liquid will weep

Increases strength
1) Sugar
2) Milk
3) Alcohol