We Deliver Across the GTA - 48 Hours Notice Required

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We Deliver Across the GTA - 48 Hours Notice Required



Jeanette’s Cakes has been specialising in creating beautiful bespoke cakes since 2008. Our designs not only look fabulous but taste delightful too. We are passionate about what we do and this is reflected in our impeccable attention to detail. Our health certified bakery is located in Oakville. We offer a highly professional and personal service from the initial consultation to the delivery and set up of your unforgettable cake. We hope you enjoy looking through our website and we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.
What Size Cake Should I Order?

6-inch  |  serves approx. 8-14

8-inch  |  serves approx. 16-24

10-inch  |  serves approx. 32-36


Delivery & Pickup Information

There is an additional charge to cover  delivery, which is available to Oakville and the GTA. 

Smaller 2 and 3 tier cakes can be picked up from our location by a trusted friend or relative. Larger cakes require special handling and may need some assembly and repair on site. These cake must be delivered and setup by our team.

Since tiered cakes are more fragile they can not be delivered by our courier company and our team takes care of this type of delivery. For this reason we can not charge our regular delivery cost. Delivery cost for Wedding cakes starts at $150.00. The average delivery takes between 3 and 4 hours from the time that we have the cake loaded, arrive to setup and return to our shop.


One of the first questions we get asked is “How much is it going to cost?” Since most people have no experience with ordering a Wedding Cake the cost may come as a surprise. To help gain a better understanding of costs I will explain what goes into making a wedding cake.

Making a cake is a time-consuming endeavour and requires a lot of skill. The design, consultations and planning can take  1 – 3 hours. Ingredients must be sourced and purchased. Baking the cakes can take up to a whole day depending on the size of the cake. A 3-tier cake will require a minimum of 6kg buttercream, that’s a lot of butter and adds to the time and cost. Decorations must be made or purchased. Assembling and stacking cakes requires skill and many hours.   

Unlike home-bakers we have overheads that must be paid, insurance, rent, utilities, equipment, marketing, website, credit card processing fees and the list goes on. 

We hope that this brief explanation will give a better understanding of what it means to make a custom cake.

3 Tier wedding cakes start at $785.00 but the price can vary greatly depending on the design of the cake. 

Factors that determine the price: Fondant covered cakes cost more than buttercream covered cakes, fresh flowers cost less than sugar flowers, intricate piping and decorations add to the cost of the cake.  

The more tiers you have the more time and skill is required to stack and build internal structure and this will add to the cost.



Cake Flavours

Our cakes generally consist of 4 layers cake, and 3 layers filling unless specified otherwise

Classic Vanilla – vanilla butter cake filled with three layers  pure Madagascar vanilla buttercream
Lovely Lemon – vanilla butter cake with two layers lemon buttercream and one layer lemon-curd
Vanilla and Raspberry Delight – vanilla butter cake filled with two layers fresh raspberry buttercream and one layer raspberry preserve
Vanilla and Strawberry  – vanilla butter cake sandwiched with two layers fresh strawberry butter cream  and one layer strawberry jam
Best Chocolate Cake Ever – moist chocolate cake with two layers chocolate buttercream and one layer chocolate ganache
Black and White – alternating layers chocolate and vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream
Raspberry Chocolate – moist chocolate cake with Raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache
Carmelita – vanilla butter cake filled with caramel flavoured buttercream and dulce de leche
Espresso – moist vanilla cake with layers mouth-watering espresso buttercream 
Cookies and Cream –  vanilla butter-cake sandwiched with house-made Oreo cookie crumb butter-cream 
Ingredients & Allergen Information

Unsalted butter, sugar,  eggs, wheat flour, icing sugar, whole milk, sweets (may contain gelatine),  chocolate, cocoa, vanilla extract, food colouring, may contain fruit.

Allergy Advice: Contains gluten, eggs, milk. All our cakes are made in an environment where eggs, milk, soya, coconut and gluten are used. For this reason we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens.

Our facility is Nut/Peanut Free

Storage & Serving Suggestions

Our cakes are made with natural ingredients and will be hard if served straight from the refrigerator. We recommend taking your cake from the refrigerator two to four hours before serving. The time that it takes for a cake to soften depends on your ambient room temperature and the size of the product. Please do not leave baked goods in the car or in a warm area.

Some of our cakes benefit from being served with some fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream.

Because our baked goods are handmade some variation in appearance can occur. We take great pride in the products that we make and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.

Example of a 3 tier buttercream covered cake

Cost – $950.00 – serves 80 – 90    6″ + 8″ + 10″/

Example of a 4 tier fondant covered cake + handmade sugar flowers

 $1850.00 – serves 120 – 130  4″ + 6″ + 8″ + 10″

Example of a small 3 tier fondant covered cake + hand made sugar flowers

Cost – $950.00 – serves 60 -70 4″ + 6″ + 8″

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