Mindsonar Teambuilding

In partnership with MindSonar Team Building Professionals and Two Global Eyes Corporate Performance Specialists we help your team to be come stronger.

(4 – 4.5 hrs)
  • Each participant does on-line Thinking Style test (1 hour) at least 3 days prior to workshop.
  • Psychologist introduces Workshop: What are we going to be doing? What is the objective? (45 minutes)
  • Participants are divided into groups.
  • Culinary instructor introduces the assignment and a short how-to lecture/demo. (20 minutes)
  • Groups execute the assignment—they have access to the procedures and the culinary instructor. Psychologist observes. (75 minutes)
  • The products are plated and eaten with other snacks. (30 minutes)
  • Psychologist debriefs the participants and highlights opportunities for improvement. (45 minutes)
  • Each participant leaves with his/her 30-page meta profile.
  • Psychologist mails Team Swot Report to the Team leader within 2 business days.
(3.5 – 4 hrs)

Our teambuilding psychologist facilitates a conversation about the attributes and behaviours required by members if they are to make up an effective corporate team. He discusses an aspect of effective teams*. The participants are assigned to teams, each of which is given a baking, decorating or cooking task. They apply the concepts covered in the conversation. The teambuilding psychologist observes participants’behaviours during the process before debriefing them (approximately 1 hour), engaging them in discussion around the characteristics of effective teams and his observations. He equips the team with the knowledge of how to enhance team performance and a take-away list of opportunities for improvement in the workplace.  

(*An aspect of effective teams could be leadership styles, communication, mediation, conflict resolution, etc. The team decides beforehand which aspect, or combination of aspects, they would like to focus on.)  

What are the Benefits and Take-aways? 

  • Each participant leaves with a deeper insight into how teams work and how to interact effectively with other team members.  


  • Leadership Styles
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation

Note: Teams may request topics not listed above or combine topics.