Baking, Cake Decorating, Candy Making, Chocolate or Cooking options. Christmas Parties, Company Milestones, Customer Appreciation and Team Building.

Maximize your teams talent by gaining an understanding of individual strengths and differences. We use a fun culinary exercise in conjunction with Mindsonar to help your team

Why culinary  teambuilding events?
  • Anyone can participate in a culinary morale-building event. Physical teambuilding activities are not always suited for older or less athletic employees. Employees of whatever age or level of physical fitness can participate in our workshops (our studio is wheelchair-friendly).
  • Events are fun, relaxing and the participants acquire culinary skills at the same time.  Our studio is state-of-the-art, health-certified and nut-free. Participants use professional baking/decorating tools and equipment, natural and high-quality ingredients and are guided by experienced bakers/decorators.
  • A unique way to thank employees for their effort and commitment, build morale and increase company loyalty.  Employee morale correlates directly with corporate productivity and employee turnover rate.
  • Ample parking; close to the QEW in Oakville.