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Tea and Cookie Lovers Basket


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Make someone feel extra special for days to come. They will be thinking of you every time they brew a delicious pot of tea or eat one of our mouth watering cookies.


1 x Vanilla Butter Shortbread Cookies 200g

1 x  Tea Pot

1 x Lemon Scone Mix

5 x 40g Tea Assortment (Andalusia Lemon, Roman Provence , Blue Lady, English Breakfast, Rhubarb Cream.) These are all amazing organic teas that will be a huge treat for tea lovers or those who are perhaps new to drinking tea.

Andalusia Lemon – Rooibos tea with Andalusia lemon peel and Calendula leaves. It’s refreshing tea and can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Roman Provence  – Organic Lavender and Rose Rooibos Tea. You will enjoy this tea even before you have a cup because it is so pretty.

Blue Lady –  Organic Black tea naturally flavoured with bergamot and cornflower blossoms. No collection of tea is complete without classic tea.

Caramel – A delightful black tea with the sweet notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla. This beautiful tea is a feast for your senses.

Rhubarb Black Tea – Rhubarb and cream tea contains luxury black tea, safflower, sunflower and jasmine petals, blackberry and lime leaves, and natural flavours.