Sugar flowers: 13 Jul – 17 July


July 13 – 17 2020 Sugar flowers 13:00 – 16:00


The Sugar flowers camp is suitable for kids 10 years of age and older.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to make sugar flowers at a price that is too good to be true. Adult classes cost 3 – 4 times as much for an equivalent course. We will be teaching the same techniques though, after all there is only one way to make a rose. We include the use of all materials and tools for the duration of the course. Making sugar flowers is a mesmerizingly relaxing activity and students get great satisfaction from turning a ball of sugar dough into a lifelike flower.

Our programmes are taught by enthusiastic cake decorating and baking professionals.

We have limited spaces available for this session, if you want to be part of this session book your spot now.

What our programme for the week looks like:

Day 1: On your first day of camp you you will learn how to make the same gumpaste that the worlds best sugar flower artist use. We will introduced students to the tools and equipment that are required to make sugar flowers. We also start making hydrangea filler flowers.

Day 2: Learn how to make a Hybrid Tea-Rose the most beautiful flower of them all.

Day 3:  Filler flowers and leaves are just as important to bouquets as are the flowers since they add depth and interest to a bouquet.

Day 4: Decorating a styrofoam dummy cake with fondant.

Day 5:  Dusting the flowers with coloured petal dust and arranging the flowers on the dummy cake for presentation.

If kept in a dry dust free location your flowers can be preserved for years to come.

Please bring an apron, water-bottle, indoor and outdoor shoes and a nut free snack. No experience or equipment is needed.

Later pick up is available, just bring something to keep you busy while you wait.

Our location is Nut-free.

Time: 13:00 – 16:00

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