Mothers Day Baking Event


2 1/2 – 3 hours

4 Fruit chocolate tarts

1 scone mix (makes 8)

Passion fruit jam


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If my mom were nearby I would bake something with her and have my family over for coffee and cake the next day. As a child I enjoyed many happy hours baking away in the kitchen. My mom taught me a lot of the things that I still bake today. For me the best part about baking was the enjoyment I got from baking and then seeing the happy, satisfied faces around the table when we sat down to enjoy the my labour of love.

Those of you that are in the fortunate position to have your mom nearby are invited to spend a few hours with your mom and us.  We will be making fruit tarts with a chocolate mousse filling,  scone mix and passion fruit preserve.

Please advise us of allergies or special dietary considerations.

Dates: 11 May 2019

Age: 10+

If you are not able to register on the website, please call us at 289 400 5116.