Cake decorating 101


Duration: 3 hours

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To create beautiful cake you must first learn to create a perfect canvas for decorations and piping. This is the most important skill to master in the art of cake decorating and in this class we will teach you tried and tested methods to achieve a round cake with smooth sides and sharp corners.

In this course we will cover cake decorating fundamentals. Students will learn to cut, layer and mask their cakes to a professional standard. It covers:
– Types of cakes to use with suitable fillings .
– Leveling and torting cakes to get even layers
– Assembling cakes with butter-cream and fillings to achieve level cakes that are structurally sound.
– Smoothing and leveling cakes for a beautiful decorating canvas.

Included is the use of all our tools and equipment, ingredients and the cake that will be used as a practice model. 

Time: 18:00 – 21:00


13 Feb 2019

23 April 2019

21 May 2019

18 Jun 2019

17 Sep 2019

22 Oct 2019

19 Nov 2019

Age: 15+