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Meagan cake stencil

Cake stencil for icing on cake. Reusable food-safe Mylar cake-stencil Size: 7" Material: Food-safe Mylar cake-stencil specifically designed for cake decorating. Usage on buttercream, fondant covered cakes and cookies. Tips: Buttercream stenciling: When using a cake-stencil on a buttercream covered cake it is important that the cake be firm and cold. For best results place the cake in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes and then use the buttercream of your choice to apply the cake-stencil pattern. Use an of set spatula or a plastic scraper to apply a thin layer of buttercream. The cake-stencil can be held in place with toothpicks or flexi-tape. If your cake is too cold, bits of buttercream will set inside the cake-stencil and will be pulled away from the cake as the cake-stencil is removed. Fondant Stenciling: Royal icing must be used when stenciling on a fondant covered cake. Hold the cake-stencil in


French Medallion Stenicl

Reusable food-safe Mylar cake-stencil