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Scone Mix

Delicious Scones made in minutes. 5 Minutes for mixing, shaping and arranging your scones on a baking sheet. Bakes in approximately 12 minutes, that means your scones are done in under 20 minutes. Nut/Peanut Free. No preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavours or colourants We recommend serving your scones with a dollop of cream and jam


Love XoXo

Chocolate Indulgence - This cake consist of 3 layers devils-food cake with layers of velvety smooth chocolate ganache and silky smooth chocolate buttercream Strawberry Delight - This cake consists of 3 layers Madagascar Vanilla butter-cake, strawberry preserve and a silky smooth strawberry buttercream. Our buttercream has the taste of summer berries, because we use nothing but real fruit.