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The Joy of Baking Party

The Joy of baking party is ideal for kids age 10+ or adults.  Baking is so much fun and who doesn't love having something delicious to eat and show off? So come on, let's roll up our sleeves and bake some cakes. Each participant  at this children's party will mix their cake batter from scratch, then the dough will be scooped into cake pans and sent off to the ovens. While the cakes are baking we will be preparing the glaze to decorate the cakes once they are done. Each participant will take a delicious cake home to share with family or friends. During the Joy of Baking Party 2 hours are allocated to baking. The remainder of the time is allocated to  eating some birthday cake,  opening gifts if desired and celebrating the birthday guest of honour. We will bake a larger cake to serve as the birthday cake.