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Bee Happy

Decorating takes 80 - 90 minutes. The rest of the time is taken up by getting settled in and enjoying some food and drinks. Party hosts are encouraged to bring their own pizza/food, drinks, and the necessary tableware to serve their guests and are asked to facilitate serving their guests. Please ensure that outside food is Nut/Peanut Free. If you are ordering food, it should arrive approximately 45 minutes before the end of the party. We will provide cupcakes for the participants and and additional 4 adults. Cupcakes are vanilla flavour with sprinkles. If you prefer a cake you can order a cake from our shop at an additional cost. We are a nut-free facility. To ensure cleanliness and safety, participants and guests are requested to bring indoor shoes during the winter months. Duration: 2 1/2 hours Ages: 8+ Cost: $595 + $55 for each participant exceeding 8, plus HST.