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Tea and Cookie Lovers Basket

Make someone feel extra special for days to come. They will be thinking of you every time they brew a delicious pot of tea or eat one of our mouth watering cookies. Included: 1 x Vanilla Butter Shortbread Cookies 200g 1 x  Tea Pot 1 x Lemon Scone Mix 5 x 40g Tea Assortment (Andalusia Lemon, Roman Provence , Blue Lady, English Breakfast, Rhubarb Cream.) These are all amazing organic teas that will be a huge treat for tea lovers or those who are perhaps new to drinking tea. Andalusia Lemon - Rooibos tea with Andalusia lemon peel and Calendula leaves. It's refreshing tea and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Roman Provence  - Organic Lavender and Rose Rooibos Tea. You will enjoy this tea even before you have a cup because it is so pretty. Blue Lady -  Organic Black tea naturally flavoured with bergamot and cornflower


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding with flair. This one tastes as good as it looks. Serve it warm or cold and don't forget the custard or cream. serves 6 - 8 Bread and Butter Pudding



Our Shortbread cookies are crisp melt in your mouth goodness, made with wholesome butter just as it should be. Once you taste our shortbread you will understand why we are know for the best shortbread period! Pick a traditional flavour like vanilla, or try something different like lime or lavender.