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Baking Cakes

Description Taking our Baking Perfect Cakes class is an investment that pays for itself in a very short time. Students learn how to bake cakes for everyday and special occasions in this course that is jam packed with baking tips and techniques that will put you on a fast track to making delicious and successful cakes: – Types of cakes – Ingredients and their purpose – Tools and equipment needed for baking cakes – Preparing pans and making sure cakes are level – Cake batter preparation – Common mistakes and how to avoid them and so much more Demonstration only – allows us to cover more material in a shorter period of time. Please click on the date highlighted  in green to add the class to your shopping basket. Then proceed to the shopping cart to check out.  Time: 18:00 – 21:30 Dates: 24 November 2020 19 January 2021 23 February


Introduction to Piping

Description   Students learn how to use one of the oldest and most traditional methods of decorating cakes—royal icing. The course covers: – Making royal icing  and buttercream – Storing royal icing and products – Piping tips and their uses – Royal icing consistencies and their uses – Colouring royal icing and buttercream The skills learnt in this class: Making Piping bags 5 Different piped borders Draped line work Time: 17:30 – 21:30 Dates: 16 Dec 2020 27 Jan 2021 17 Feb 2021 31 March 2021 Age: 14+


Mastering Buttercreams and Fillings

Description   To make cakes it is essential to learn how to make delicious fillings to go in between your cakes layers. Fillings and creams can not just taste good, they must also be of the correct consistency to make cakes that are structurally sound. In this class we will teach you how to make an American style buttercream that is light and fluffy, Italian Meringue butter-cream that is silky smooth and oh so delicious, Fruit curds and Chocolate Ganache. We share a lot of tips and tricks with you in this class. Demonstration only. Course notes and recipes are provided for future reference Time: 18:00 – 21:00 Dates: 20 January 2021 24 February 2021 24 March 2021 Age: 14+


Mothers Day Baking – for two

Description The perfect opportunity to spend time with your mom. Relax in our cosy studio and make some yummy treats for Mother's Day. Learn how to make the perfect Lemon Blueberry Scones and Mixed-berry fruit preserve. Please advise us of allergies or special dietary considerations. Each participant will take home what they have made. Dates: 9 May 2020 Time: 18:00 – 20:00 Age 10+ (kids must signup with an adult accompaniment).


Perfect Cake Construction

Description To create a beautiful cake you must first learn to create a perfect canvas for your decorations and piping. This is the most important skill to master in the art of cake decorating and in this class we will teach secrets to getting  a round cake with smooth sides and sharp corners. Soon you will master the art of  creating Insta worthy cakes. In this class we cover cake decorating fundamentals. Students will learn to cut, layer and mask their cakes to a professional standard. It covers: What types of cakes to use Suitable fillings for cakes . Levelling and torting cakes to get even layers Assembling cakes with butter-cream and fillings to achieve level cakes that are structurally sound. Smoothing and levelling cakes for a beautiful decorating canvas Simple but effective decorating techniques Included is the use of all our tools and equipment, ingredients and the cake that


Perfect Pies

Description   One of the most common issues with pies are a chewy dough that shrinks away from the sides and soggy bottoms. In this class students will learn how to make a quick style flaky pie dough that is perfectly crispy and does not shrink away from the sides. Learn to make pastry that can be used for a multitude of sweet and savoury pies.  How to make the ideal fillings for pies and tarts. Students will leave with a perfect pie of their very own. Best of all you will learn how to make the best pie that money can buy. Hands-on. Each participant will take home a pie of their own. You will receive course notes and recipes that will ensure future success. Time: 18:00 – 21:30   Dates: 15 Dec 2020 Age: 14+