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Piping, baking and cake decorating summer camp

Piping, baking and cake decorating summer camp We have been hosting this camp for 13 years now and every year we welcome a new group of happy kids that are eager to learn how to bake and decorate cakes. Kids have enjoyed this program so much that many kids come back year after year. Our program is jam packed with learning and activity and participants will be fully occupied all of the time. Learning to cook and bake is such an important life skill and leads to a healthier life. Our Camps are a great place to experience the fun and excitement of preparing food without artificial ingredients and preservatives. Because we make everything from scratch kids must be old enough to follow instructions independently, therefore our camps are suitable for children age 10 and up. During this camp session we will be focusing on piping, cake decorating and baking.


Piping Korean Buttercream Flowers & Baking

Join us for our “korean buttercream flowers piping and  baking camp” where learning is fun and delicious! We are 100% focused on cake decorating and baking, if you want. We want your kids to experience what it is like to have an authentic baking and cake decorating experience. Our camps are hosted by experienced Patissiers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience.  This Camp is designed for children 10 years of age and older. Children will be working in groups of two on some tasks and must be able to follow direction independently. During the piping Korean buttercream and baking session participants will learn: Monday: Ranunculus and Roses Tuesday: Daisies, Violets and Leaves Wednesday: Baking cakes Thursday: Assembling and icing cakes Friday: Decorating their cakes using the piping skills they have learned during the week Campers will take their cakes home on Friday to share with their family