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Cookie Decorating Kit

With 18 delicious holiday themed sugar and gingerbread cookies and all the frosting and fixings, these adorable Holiday Cookie Decorating Kits will delight everyone. The perfect gift for a stocking stuffer or a fun family activity that everyone will love! Each kit contains: 18 undecorated sugar and gingerbread cookies (mini stars, trees, snowman, deer, mitten,  ) 1 pouch royal icing 3 bags of decorative holiday sprinkles 2 food colours 1 jar edible snowflake glitter



Everything you need to whip up a batch of amazing Cookies & Cream Cupcakes.  


Crepe Making Kit

Reusable bespoke drawstring bag with delicious Crepe Mix. Quick and easy. Includes recipe and instructions  


Party Favour Pack

Reusable bespoke drawstring bag or cupcake house with favour of the month  


Scone Making Kit

Reusable bespoke drawstring bag with Scone mix. Makes 16 scones. Just add butter and milk and bake for 10 – 12 minutes. Includes recipe and instructions