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Basic package includes up to 8 participants (yes you can have as little as two participants but the basic package price remains the same). $200.00 deposit will be applied upon booking, the remainder is due on the day of the party.

Basic package includes up to 8 participants (yes you can have as little as two participants but the price remains the same)

A $200.00 deposit will be applied upon booking, the remainder is payable on the day of the party.

2 Hour kids party – $495.00 +hst 

2 1/2 Hour kids party – $575.00 + hst

3 Hour Baking parties – $750.00 + hst

Adult parties – $575.00 + hst and up

General Party Format:

2 hour party: 10 minutes to welcome and get guest settled

60 – 70 min for activity 

30 – 40 miutes to eat snack, serve cake and sing happy birthday

Easy Designs for age 6+

Intermediate  for age  8+

Hands on baking Kids 10+

    • Hosted over 2000 parties
    • Fully equipped studio, designed for culinary events
    • Hosted by qualified & experienced bakers and cake decorators
    • 25 party designs to choose from
    • Have fun and acquire some life skills
  • His or her own cake/cupcakes/cookies to decorate or bake and take home
  • Signature packaging to take treats home
  • The demonstration cake or cupcakes serves as the party cake (we add extra cake for larger parties).
  • Printed  invitations can be picked up from our studio.
  • Health certified & peanut/nut free
  • Equipped with professional equipment and tools
  • 16 work stations around one table + 8 can be added at a separate table
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Easy access off QEW & free parking

We offer parties for kids and adults at our studio in Oakville. Our parties are either for decorating or baking. Since time is limited we are not able to do both activities during the same party and give you the option of choosing either a baking or decorating party. 

For our decorating parties a professional cake decorator will demonstrate the decorating process and guide participants through every step. Each guest will receive his/her own cake/cupcakes and have available a set of tools with which to decorate it. All the ingredients (buttercream, fondant, etc.) will be provided.  At the end of the party each project will be individually packaged in a signature Jeanette’s Cakes box to be taken home.

Decorating takes 60 – 90 minutes and this depends on what package is chosen. All participants will follow the party host and create the same design or bake the same item. Kids have a choice of choosing their own colours for most designs. * 

The remaining time is allocated to opening presents (if desired), having snacks and eating the birthday cake (the demonstration cake serves as the birthday cake).

*In the case of a baking party guests will work in pairs. The baked item will be packaged to take home. For the cake we will provide cupcakes (free of charge) if you prefer a cake this can be ordered from our regular menu at an additional cost.

We will serve the demonstration cake as the birthday cake, therefore there is no need to order or bring in a birthday cake.  Parents are encouraged to order in their own pizza/fruit/vege and snacks to serve as a snack. Please also bring your own napkins, paper plates and serving utensils. 

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