Wow you friends with a party at Jeanette’s Cakes. Our studio is a beautifully decorated space and is your very own space for the duration of your party. We have cooking, baking and cake decorating options specially designed for adults and kids age 6+. No prior skills are needed but we will help each person create something that they will take home with pride and joy. Book your party online or call us to book your party! We look forward to making memories with you.

2 Hour Parties

Our two hour parties are suitable for kids age 6 and up. We look forward to hosting a memorable party for you. Book your private party today.

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2 1/2 Hour Parties

Our 2 1/2 hour parties are suitable for kids age 8 and up. Some party options have a higher degree of difficulty and are therefore suitable for older kids.

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Info for Parents

The party cost covers 8 guests including the birthday child. There is an additional cost for each guest exceeding 8. We are able to accommodate up to 24 participants. Please let us know how many guests to prepare for the Wednesday morning the week of your party. If we do not hear from you we will prepare for 8 kids. We thank you in advance for helping us prepare for a successful and fun party.


Payment can be done via credit, interac, debit or cash. The party is only booked for a particular date and time once a deposit of $75.00 has been received.

Refunds and Credit Policy

No refunds. We offer a credit if a booking is cancelled a minimum of 14 days before the scheduled date. We do not give credit or re-schedule the party after this time.

Dress Code

The only requirement is to dress comfortably and bring indoor shoes. Long or baggy sleeves tend to get in the way. Long hair should be tied up. Jeanette’s Cakes will provide an apron for each participant to wear for the duration of the parties. We ask that you provide your own apron for workshops, camps and lessons. If you do not have an apron you can purchase one from our shop.

House Rules

Accidents can happen in the kitchen and we want everyone to be safe. For this reason we require participants to abide by, and parents to enforce, the following rules:

  • no running in the studio
  • no climbing on furniture
  • no sitting on tables or counters
  • no standing on chairs
  • no touching the mixers, ovens and other electrical appliances


Download and send out branded invitations for your party! To download a PDF of the invitations, please click the button below and in the page that opens, save the PDF.

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The Party Procedure

  • Arrival

    The hosts of the party (typically the parents of the birthday child) should arrive 10 minutes early in order to greet their guests. Guests gather in the reception room. Please ensure that guests do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes ahead of time as the reception room may still be occupied from the previous party. Please remind each party guest as he/she arrives to wash his/her hands and put on an apron.

  • Sign In

    The hosts will receive a form from Jeanette’s Cakes on which the guests sign in on arrival—specifying contact details (parent/guardian’s name and telephone number) as well as any known food allergies that the child might suffer from. Jeanette’s Cakes operates a nut-free facility, but if there is any child in the group with a life-threatening allergy or medical condition, it is recommended that the parent/guardian of that particular child is present for the duration of the party. Since space in the decorating area is limited, the host is requested to limit the number of non-participating guests to 5 (excluding him/herself).

  • Decorating

    The first hour and 10 minutes of the party (or 1 1/2 hours and if it is a 2 1/2 hour party) is for decorating cakes. Decorating should start within 10 minutes from the scheduled start time otherwise there is the risk of not completing the party program. The facilitator, who is in charge of this part of the party, demonstrates decorating techniques and instructs the kids what to do. The children take their cakes home in a cake box. Cakes, once taken home, should be kept refrigerated until they are eaten.

  • Snacks

    After decorating, there will be time for snacks we include pizza and lemonade. The demonstration cake serves as the birthday cake. Please ensure that fruit and vegetable platters brought from outside are Nut Free to maintain a Nut Free studio. The facilitator will light the candles on the cake and have the birthday child blow them out. This part of the party usually takes about 30 minutes. It is important not to overrun time since we have to set up for subsequent parties.

  • Opening Gifts

    Depending on what the host wants, the birthday child can open his/her gifts in the lounge. About 10 – 15 minutes is allocated to opening presents. If the hosts would rather take the gifts home for the child to open, this time can be used to unwind in the lounge. During this time Jeanette’s Cakes staff will be cleaning up and preparing the decorating area for the next party, workshop or lesson. It is important to ensure the party finishes within 10 minutes of the scheduled end in order to ensure that the next party, workshop or lesson can start on time.