Welcome to Jeanette’s Cakes studio, where we share the art of making exquisite cakes, cookies and confectionery!

We are dedicated to the teaching of baking, sugar craft and contemporary cake design. Jeanette has designed a fun and educational curriculum for beginners and experienced cake decorators alike.

The studio is equipped with state of the art equipment. Students have ample work space and we include the use of all tools and equipment and a personal Kitchen Aid mixer where needed. We also provide an apron for our students to use while they are at our studio.

Our classes are hands-on and intimate. With classes limited to eight students we ensure that each student receives individual attention, guidance and support throughout the learning process.

In some cases material will be for demonstration only, this enables us to cover more information in the class and allows students to see correct methods and techniques as they are being taught.

  • Frequently asked questions:
    Which class should I take first?  In cake decorating it is very important to learn how to assemble a cake properly. We want to achieve 90° angles on the side and 180° on the top. It is also important to learn what fillings are appropriate for the style of cake that you want to decorate. We cover so much essential information in our basics class that we recommend that students start with this class first before taking any other decorating classes.
  • Should I do the cake decorating basics or the principles of baking class first? It is not essential to take the baking class since you could use cake mixes to make your cake sponge. For sculpted cakes you will however need a cake that is baked from scratch. Nothing beats cake or baked goods that are made from scratch. Our class will give you information that will make baking a pleasure and not a chore.
  • What do I need to bring to the class?  We provide everything, all you need to do is sign up.
  • I have already done Michaels courses, do I need to take the cake decorating basics class? Our course material is very different from the Wilton courses. You will learn how to assemble a cake with the clean and sharp edges that are so coveted and will give your cakes a professional look. You will also learn how to make the most delicious butter-creams, fillings and so much more.