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  • When I was at her sugar flower summer camp I learned so much. Everything we used was great quality and she was able to help us with what ever we needed.

    Kayley Norrey

  • Hello

    I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a wonderful camp this week.  Julia had a great time.  She learned so much and she was so proud when she saw how much we loved the food she made every day.


    Katharine Alexander – Carew

  • Thank you for a wonderful cake decorating camp. Jenny thoroughly enjoyed herself. This is the first baking camp that she has done where the kids actually learn something. Her cake turned out so beautiful and it was delicious too.
    Samantha Harley *
  • This camp surpassed our expectations. Michaela could not wait to go to camp everyday and we got an excited retelling of everything she learned everyday.

    thank you for being so generous with your knowledge
    Holly *

  • Wow, we were so impressed with the pastries that Annie made at camp. Better than the bakery! Annie had such a great time and will be back.

    Linda Baker *

  • Thank you Jeanette for offering such a special camp. Keira enjoyed every moment and says this is the best camp she has been to. We will be back next year.

    Kendra *

  • Even though William was worried about being the only boy, he had such a good time and enjoyed the cooking camp very much. He wants to become a chef and his experience at your camp has confirmed his dream of becoming a chef. The meals were all so delicious and we will be making the recipes again.

    thank you


  • Hello

    This was such a fun experience for Kelly, she was exited to get up and go to camp in the morning which is quite unusual. Her cake was amazing and she was so proud to share it with us on Friday.

    Linda *

  • Thank you Jeanette, Bryce had a blast. Your camp is by far the best cooking camp we have done anywhere. The meals were amazing, it was restaurant quality and Bryce shared some tips with me that I didn’t know.

    Deanne *

Why Jeanette’s Cakes Camps?

  • Our studio has been specifically designed to teach cake decorating and baking classes and we use professional tools and equipment
  • Our instructors are passionate about the culinary arts and have many years experience
  • Our programs have been designed by a professional chef and are geared to teach specific skills and inspire the next generation
  • We give your kids the opportunity to cook and bake from scratch. Our campers work on their own tasks for the most part, some tasks  are done in pairs

You have to eat, so you might as well learn how to do it and do it well!