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Summer Camps 2020 - We Are Open

Since the provincial government has authorised summer day camps, Jeanettes’s Cakes will be offering baking, cooking and cake decorating camps this summer and are taking bookings now (BOOK NOW).

We considered using Zoom and other available technology to conduct our online camps this summer, but very quickly realised that online camps will not work for culinary camps:

  • Face-to-face Camps serve the dual purpose of offering campers lots of fun and learning and free them from daycare while their parents are at work or working from home.
  • Having spent the last 3 months of school doing online classes and connecting with friends via Zoom kids are desperate for some face-to-face interaction.
  • Very few (if any) home kitchens are equipped with all the tools and equipment needed for cooking, baking and cake decorating (electric mixers, turntables, piping tips, measuring cups, scales, full range of baking pans, etc.) which a fully-equipped culinary studio such as the one at Jeanette’s Cakes does. It will be difficult for the online instructor to demonstrate the use of tools when participants use different equipment and challenging for kids to adapt video instructions and recipes to what is available at home.
  • Online baking and cooking necessitate the use of stoves and ovens. Online camps done at home will require adult supervision of kids not experienced in kitchen safety and operating potentially dangerous electrical equipment and handing boiling water and hot baking pans and dishes.
  • Monitoring 5 or more kids simultaneously by video and ensuring the correct execution of the activities by the participants will be much more time-consuming than it would be in a studio, especially when video or audio quality is poor or there are breaks in internet reception. A face-to-face studio setting is a far more effective learning experience for the participant.
  • Much of the enjoyment of doing a culinary camp comes from each kid taking home his/her creation to share with the family at the end of the day/week. Our instructor will ensure that each creation is successful and something for the family to enjoy and its creator to be proud of.

Our Protective Measures

We will be conducting our camps in accordance with the recommendations of the relevant provincial health authorities. Some of the measures we will be taking in this regard are:

  • Taking the temperature of each participant and instructor/helper at the start of each day to minimise the risk for attendees.
  • Parents will leave their kids at the door and will leave once the child’s temperature has been taken.
  • Ensuring each participant and instructor/facilitator wears the protective equipment recommended by the health authorities.
  • Limiting movement of participants between work stations and maintaining safe social distancing at all times during the camp. (We have a closed-circuit video system with 3 screens in the studio, which allows each participant to view the facilitator’s instructions in detail without having to move from his/her station).
  • Dedicating the equipment and tools required to perform the tasks to each participant (e.g. mixers, turntables, cooktops, bowls, cutters, etc.) wherever possible. The equipment and work surfaces will be sanitized before the start of each day.
  • Making available sanitizer and paper towels available at each station at all times.

To ensure social distancing, we are limiting each camp to 10 participants (our capacity is 26) unless siblings or kids from the same household register, in which case we can increase the camp size.

Hoping to see you at our summer camps.

Reasons to choose Jeanette's Cakes

  • Hosted over 120 camps since 2008
  • Fully-equipped studio, specially designed for culinary workshops
  • 12  Camps (full day and half day) to choose from
  • We teach valuable lifeskill & provide a space where everyone feels included and has fun!
  • Health certified & nut free
  • Equipped with professional tools and equipment
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Easy access, just off QEW
  • Knowledgeable & Professional Instructors
  • Top quality ingredients
  • The use of Kitchen aid mixers, induction cooktops and professional tools and equipment
  • Each person will make their own baked goods, confections or meal
  • Course notes – where applicable

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