Ingredients, Allergies and Nuts

Jeanette’s Cakes continually develops and tests recipes. Its cakes contain only the finest ingredients. If the cake calls for chocolate, only top quality Belgian or Swiss chocolate is used. Butter-creams are made with real butter and are flavored with natural extracts. No preservatives are used, resulting in something not only better tasting than what you buy at a store, but also healthier.

The kitchen studio is a nut aware facility. Jeanette’s Cakes tries to ensure that all ingredients entering the kitchen come from nut-free facilities. Since this information is not always available from the supplier, Jeanette’s Cakes cannot guarantee that a product has not come into contact with nuts, but does take the utmost precautions to minimize the risk of contamination by nuts.

Unless agreed upon beforehand with the customer, Jeanette’s Cakes contain eggs, dairy products and wheat.