Pretty Cup Cakes


Note: Cost is for deposit only.
Full cost is $395 plus HST.


Product Description

Each participant receives 5 cup cakes, buttercream, fondant and the tools to decorate his/her cupcakes. Four cupcakes are taken home in a cake box and one will be collected to serve as the birthday cupcakes. A professional cake decorator guides and instructs the participants through the process.

One hour is allocated to decorating. The remainder of the time is for snacks, eating the cupcakes, and the opening of gifts if desired. The demonstration cake serves as the birthday cake.

The cake decorating facility is nut-free. Fruit and vegetable platters prepared in a nut-free environment are permitted to be brought in. Please note that fruit and vegetable platters prepared by most supermarkets (e.g. Fortinos, Longo’s) are NOT allowed since they are prepared on-site where there are nuts. Baked goods are also not allowed. Coffee and pop are available to guests for purchase.

To ensure cleanliness, participants and guests are requested to bring indoor shoes, especially during rainy or snowy weather.

Duration: 2 1/2 hours
Ages: 9+
Cost: $395 + $30 for each participant exceeding 8, plus HST.

The cost includes cheese pizza, the birthday cake and lemonade for the participants. Extra snacks and drinks (at an additional cost) can be ordered ahead of time.

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